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ISO Consultancy


With our rich experience in ISO consultancy ‘Know How’, we simplify the complexity of paradigm shift in the contemporary price pressurizing market.

Know where you stand before you Start ISO Implementaion

Understand What Does it Bring to Your Company?

“What ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 can bring to your business may surprise you. Organizations of all sizes have found tremendous benefits with this standards, including big savings in both costs and efficiency. “

Does it Really Helps?

“A well-designed and implemented QMS 9001, EMS 14001 & OHSAS 18001 has been shown to provide organizations with the tremendous benefits”

  • Well-defined and documented procedures improve the consistency of output.
  • Quality is constantly measured.
  • Procedures ensure corrective action is taken whenever defects occur.
  • Defect rates decrease.
  • Defects are caught earlier and are corrected at a lower cost.
  • Defining procedures identifies current practices that are obsolete or inefficient.
  • Documented procedures are easier for new employees to follow.
  • Better management control and reporting – which means that you know how your business is doing.
  • Your people will know what to do and how you want it done
  • You will have consistent, repeatable processes and a common system.
  • You will have fewer problems with failures in service or product quality

ISO Implementation

Implementation Methodology

Preparation of mandatory documentation that includes processes, procedures, policies, and records in line with the organization requirements.

These documents describe the rules within a company that prescribe how products or services are created and provided to customers.

Project Phases

Project Milestones


Life Long Journey